How Do You Define Gusto?

Want more, or going for something big in life, and need a little more gusto to get you there? Where do you need more gusto in life? You’ll share what you’re grappling with in life and/or work – or the delta/gap between how you’re living/working today and what you want to grow into in the future.


Learn Something New

We’ll teach you about the three sources of meaning (i.e., energy sources) available to people and how you can immediately start to activate them in your own life, work, and leadership.

Identify The Source

Guided questions will help you gain clarity into what you want to work on and achieve and start you down the path. You'll articulate where you are stuck, uncertain, afraid, or open for an energized possibility.

Get Started Instantly

I’ll provide at least one useful tool and some one-of-a-kind applications to move you forward In your journey. Download the path to purpose guide today to find out what's inside!