Dr. Alise Cortez is an inspirational speaker whose impassioned messages on meaning and purpose lift and motivate her audiences. She is frequently described as passionate, high-energy, knowledgeable, and inspiring.

Live with passion, work on purpose. Working from our “why” drives energy, conviction, and perseverance, key ingredients for any worthy endeavor in life. This lofty ideal is well worth the effort to attain, though many people make the mistake of looking for it in the wrong places. And many people walk through life haunted by the seeming passivity of finding their purpose – and don’t realize that passion is the by-product of having done so. They look for their purpose in the most unsuitable areas. Purpose does not live where most believe it does – and learning where to look for it and unlock it opens a whole new vista of possibility and magic. When we find and then live our purpose, we come alive in the most powerful of ways, can touch others profoundly, and start to realize our most ardent dreams that let us live with true passion and work to make the impact worthy of our lives.

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1. Grab Your Gusto! Live with Passion and Work on Purpose

In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, who has time for passion and purpose? “I can barely keep up with life – caring for my family and everything going on at work. I’m exhausted!” As working professionals, it seems we leave little time and energy to care for ourselves. But as far as we know, we only get one shot at this thing called life to make the difference we crave. So, what will you do with your precious gift and make the contribution and impact you want? Grabbing your gusto means digging for your zest -- taking ownership for the meaning you give your experiences, being intentional about your mindset, cultivating passion and inspiration, while awakening to your purpose. You owe this to yourself. And guess what? When you live with passion and work purpose, you generate potent impact worthy of your precious life, and everyone WINS!

2. Inspirational Leadership: On Becoming Irresistible and Unforgettable

What does it take to become an inspirational leader – someone people can’t resist following or ever forget? The answer starts with a deep dive into passion – for your own life and the vision you have for the future of the organization. Inspirational leaders are convicted in their belief in abundance and possibility for what their team is taking on. Their optimism and capacity to appreciate and recognize the contributions of each team member informs their communication style. And their ravenous appetite to look for what’s strong in each team member and help steward their journey to realize their own greatness makes them unforgettable. Becoming an inspirational leader is about communicating the worth and potential of each person on your team – telling them how they matter, that you appreciate them, and you can see even more in their future. The journey toward becoming an inspirational leader entails a life fully examined and radiantly lived in service of others.  

3. Purpose: The Heart of the Matter for Leaders and Organizations

Unleashing the urge to matter is the ultimate promise of purpose. People crave the opportunity to serve at their highest and best level in a way that is only theirs to do.  They yearn for the opportunity to distinguish a contribution that represents their legacy. Purpose provides crazy energy to pursue what would otherwise seem daunting or impossible. It orients a clarity of direction when numerous opportunities and obstacles present themselves. Purpose is the great enabler that is available to everyone, yet well advantaged only by those who seek and unleash it. Purpose beckons. Answer the call. 

4. Passion: The Essential Enlivening Ingredient in Life and Work

What fascinates you? What do you pour yourself into? What can you NOT not do? If you don’t quite have an answer, you’re not alone. In the rush of today’s fast-paced living, it turns out a lot of people have lost touch with what most lights them up. Humans are sensate beings – so passion is always available. Find your way back to it – simply stepping on the path to rediscover it enlivens you. Reconnecting with your passion and working from it empowers your unique expression that distinguishes your life and contribution. Well worth the search, commitment and effort. Only then are you enabled to lift your team members to go in search of their own passion. Stand back and unleash the fireworks!

5. Igniting Meaning in the Workplace

Work: It’s the way we spend our lives. It’s the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves while contributing our unique talents to the community we’re connected to. Yet, it’s often a torturous, soul-sucking experience for much of the world. The key difference? Our “mode of engagement” – the way we “play” with the work we do while simultaneously earning a livelihood. Any job can be meaningful, and individuals, leaders and companies have a surprisingly wide array of ways to transform the experience from demoralizing and diminishing to invigorating and uplifting.  

6. Enabling Meaningful Engagement and Higher, Inspired Performance

Every organization depends on the performance and innovation of its employees - in fact, its very lifeblood is at stake. But sometimes as an organization is experiencing growing pains or changes in leadership, employees can become misaligned from the mission. Or perhaps the culture of the organization no longer supports their best engagement and performance. This is understandable in these ever-changing economic times. The key to prosperity and success for all, though, is to restore that situation back to strong health, ASAP – before the employees get entirely disengaged and no longer perform at strong levels, they entirely “check out” but stay polluting the organization, or they leave the organization. Leaders, managers, and individual contributors alike can have an incredibly positive impact on engagement and performance – but they must be committed and empowered to do so.

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